Additional Services Cost Estimates:

Even though we listed the maintenance package prices , we thought we would give you and idea of what our extra services could cost you. We can't list them all but this should give you an idea.
Pressure Washing: By Estimate Only
Int. / Ext. Painting : By Estimate Only

Pool Opening Regular :Aboveground  / In ground $149.99 /$199.99
Service includes removal, cleaning and folding of winter cover and air pillow, inspection and install of pool filter and all equipment, addition of chemicals. Regulate pool timer and set & fill chlorinator (if provided).

Lawn Care:
Your Equipment & Fuel - $30/hour
Our Equipment & Fuel - $50/hour  (We can only mow so many lawns ourselves , the rest we coordinate the service for the property)
Sodding & Seeding - per estimate
Weed Control & Removal - per estimate
Fertilization Application - per estimate

Fall Cleanup / Raking & Storm Cleanup
Hauling to off-property dump site extra if it is a large amount ; based on mileage.

Spring Cabin / Home Opening

Spring Cabin / Home Opening - Starting at $100
Includes turning on water and checking system for leaks.
Turning on electrical breaker.
Turning on heating system.

Fall Cabin / Home Closing
Fall Cabin / Home Closing - Starting at $100
Includes shutting off water and blowing out lines and/or addition of antifreeze. Shut off electrical breaker. Shut down heating system. Ensure all windows and doors are locked and secure.

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